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History of Conference

The International Conferences on Low Temperature Chemistry and Physics originate from two long- standing conference series (The Physics and Chemistry of Matrix Isolated Species, PCMIS, started at 1973, and International Conference on Low Temperature Chemistry, ICLTC, started at 1994). The first united conference (CPLT 2013) was organized by Mika Pettersson and Jan Lundell in Jyvaskyla (Finland) in July 2013. As was decided in Jyvaskyla, the second conference should be organized in Russia. It was particularly our pleasure to host the CPLT Conference in 2014 since it is just 20 years after the first ICLTC organized by Professor Gleb Sergeev in Russia in 1994.

Scientific Scope

The area of low temperature physics and chemistry is interdisciplinary and the conference is gathering chemists and physicists from different fields. CPLT is a common place for discussion of many fascinating topics, including structure and dynamics of matrix isolated species, spectroscopy and reactions in quantum hosts, studies on reactive intermediates and unusual molecules, physical and chemical aspects of cryosynthesis of clusters and nanoparticles, planetary and interstellar chemistry. New exciting contributions (both experimental and theoretical) in these and related fields have been presented at CPLT 2014.

The CPLT 2014 included eight sessions covering different aspects of low-temperature physics and chemistry and applications:

  • Spectroscopy and Dynamics in Matrices: Marilyn Jacox Memorial Session

  • Quantum hosts

  • Reactive intermediates and novel species

  • Chemical reactions at low temperatures

  • Atoms, clusters and nanoparticles

  • Atmospheric and astrochemical systems

  • Systems of biological interest and medical applications

  • Young Investigators Session

The presentations included invited lectures (40 min, including discussion), invited and contributed talks (20 min, including discussion) and posters (A0 formate).
Detailed scientific program and schedule is availiable through the link

Marylin Jacox Memorial Session

This special session devoted to spectroscopy and dynamics in matrices was organized in the memorium of Marilyn Jacox, one of the pioneers and long-standing leaders of matrix isolation, passed away last October.

Young Investigators Session

The Young Investigators Session included 6 oral presentations (15 min, including discussion) of young scientists (under 35) which had been selected on the basis of evaluation of submitted abstracts and additional information presented by the applicants (CV, publication list and reference letter from the scientific supervisor).

List of speakers:

  • Claudio Nunes (Portugal)
  • Sergey Ryazantsev (Russia)
  • Jaroslaw Kalinowski (Finland)
  • Maria Khrenova (Russia)
  • Alexander Bogomolov(Russia)
  • Ivan Sorokin (Russia)

Poster Sessions

The poster presentations constituted a very important part of the conference. Two poster sessions were organized. It should be noted that the poster sessions often provide more room for informal discussion than short talks.

The space allocated for each poster is
0.85 x 1.20 m (A0 formate).
List of poster presenters is availiable here

Invited Speakers

The following distinguished scientists had agreed to present invited lectures and invited talks at CPLT 2014:
  • Markku Räsänen (Finland)
  • R. Benny Gerber (Israel)
  • Claudine Crepin-Gilbert (France)
  • Yuan-Pern Lee (Taiwan)
  • Mika Pettersson (Finland)
  • Rui Fausto (Portugal)
  • Leonid Khriachtchev (Finland)
  • Wolfram Sander (Germany)
  • Eugene Misochko (Russia)
  • Alexander Nemukhin (Russia)
  • Tomonari Wakabayashi (Japan)
  • Jacek Krelowski (Poland)
  • David Anderson (USA)
  • Tigran Kurtikyan (Armenia)
  • Eugene Gordon (Russia)
  • Jian-Ping Zhang (China)
  • Vladimir Lozinsky (Russia)
  • Stephane Coussane (France)
  • Kenji Takahashi (Japan)
  • Igor Reva (Portugal)
  • Oleg Shlyakhtin (Russia)
  • Vladimir Khmelenko (USA)
  • Anton Savitsky (Germany)
  • Anatoliy Pukhovsky (Russia)

Contributed oral presentations

A limited number of contributed talks had been selected on the basis of consideration of the submitted abstracts:
  • Alexey Baklanov (Russia)
  • Dmitry Bezrukov(Russia)
  • Alexander Akimov (Russia)
  • Yuri Morozov (Russia)